Worst earning websites review - 2020

So hey guys, as you guys would have guessed  today we are going to discuss about the worst earning websites which are fake ones/scam. Don't even think about investing in these sites because they either pay in the beginning and just show their true colors or never pay you at all. Although you have methods to check if the site is credible enough to use or not, plenty of us don't do enough research behind it. So just be cautious before making any investments. Let's dive it to the list now shall we? ;) Note : The websites listed below are new sites which seem hopeful for investment due to their fake payment proof shown. Most people do not fall for such scams but still if you have any benefit of doubt, then forget it because we are going to expose those scam sites here so that you won't re-think about falling for these sites. 1. This comes first in the list because in the beginning it seemed like the site was paying to the users but then gradually payment issu

Binany app | Review - Is binany real or fake?

Hi guys, so we are going to review Binany app. Whether it is a real app or a fake one? As many youtubers advertise this app, people are curious whether to invest in it and start trading to earn money. In this article, you'll exactly find out whether to use Binany or not. I sincerely urge you to read the full article so that you do not miss any details. Binany app is indeed real one but it is not feasible for investing huge amount of money and earning profits. A snapshot of payment proof is shown below: Process : The minimum investment amount to do live trading is Rs 300. It can be sent through the below payment methods as shown in the snapshot. Once you deposit the minimum amount, you can start trading in the dashboard section. All you have to do is predict whether the graph goes up or down for the time you choose ( it can be 1,2,5 minutes etc... ). And if your prediction is right, you earn the profit amount depending on the profit percentage. Minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 1000.

Tower of God | Rachel character review

Hi guys.. you might be wondering why I am creating a seperate post for Rachel's character. To be honest, the way they have summed up the last episode involving Rachel itself tells us about the fake face she put up since the start. Rachel - The backstabber: For those of you who must have seen the anime and read the webtoon, you guys very well know I'm about to discuss. But for those of you who just want to know about her character and dont know nothing about Tower of God anime, then be my guest.  I'll start off my rant with the fact that how cute and gracious her character was shown in the first few minutes in the first episode of the anime. She rescued Bam from that dark place he was in. Taught him stuffs, spent everyday with him. All of those stuffs she did for Bam portrayed her as a great character to a point that some of the watchers/readers shipped the two (Just kidding.....or maybe not). Anyway, suddenly she has this craving to see stars. She took the word "star g

Best animes of summer 2020

Introduction : Whassup guys.. today we are going to list down the best animes of summer 2020. Please note that this is not a big list partly because the animes which were supposed to get released on April 2020 are now postponed to July of this year and that includes anime like Oregairu, Re:Zero season 2 etc.. So, without further adeau let's get into it. 1. Tower of God: Genre : Action, Adventure, mystery, drama, fantasy TOG is obviously the most hyped anime of summer as you all know it. So it's the first on our list. The only slow episode would be the first episode but after that it straight away dwells into the characters and character development. The games which are shown as tests in this story is quite unique and people has to pass the test to climb the tower. Starting off with our MC Bam who tries to stop Rachel from abandoning him ends up opening the gate of the tower. As an irregular and being subjected to various tests and in that process forming allies to climb the tow

Best underrated webtoons to read during lockdown

Introduction : Hey guys, if you are planning to read some awesome underrated webtoons during this lockdown, then you have come to the right place. Since you guys already might have heard/known about popular webtoons like Tower of God, God of high school, bastard, Gamer, D.I.C.E, Lookism and specially SOLO LEVELING which is like flooding the internet with hypes about season 2 and it's release and all aaaand not to mention the recommendations from almost every single person who has read solo leveling.. I thought of making a list of other good ones which aren't that popular like the manhwa's mentioned above so that you guys can check them out. There's no ranking involved and I'll just be listing them down below in a random order. Please note that these are the webtoons which deserve popularity and it's just my list of underrated ones. So with that out of the way, let's get straight into it. 1. Subzero A tale of two individuals called Clove and Kyro coming from

Tower of God anime review

Introduction : Hey guys. So today we are going to check out if tower of God is worth watching. The most hyped anime of this summer is out and currently 10 episodes have been released so far. It's an adaption from the webtoon for those of you who dont know and it is the first webtoon which has got a proper anime adaptation. This review is solely on the anime which as of now has 10 episodes. We are going to touch on plot, character development, animation and finally, OP and END theme of the anime. Genres of this anime include action, adventure, fantasy, shounen and romance. Plot so far: The premise of this anime starts with our MC named Bam and Rachel in dark grounds as Rachel tells her desire to climb the tower and then she disappears.  The tower is shown as a place where you can get anything you can possibly imagine once you get to the top of it.  The gate to the tower opens as Bam enters the tower who is greeted by the caretaker of the tower - Headon. In order to climb the tower,

Gleipnir anime review

Introduction: So guys, you all might be wondering whether to watch Gleipnir anime. Is it worth your time?  We will be discussing about the plot, individual character development, animation, OP and END songs. Let's get started, shall we? Please note the review is about the first 8 episodes of the anime ( because only 8 episodes have been released so far and it'll be accordingly updated when the rest of the episodes in season 1 airs ) Genres of this anime include action, adventure, ecchi and romance.  Plot : An alien who was travelling in space with his friends somehow crashland on earth and they get scattered. And this alien is not like area 51 alien we are talking about. We are talking about...coins. Yeah, coins. So this alien's friends are in the form of coins. So, in order to get back his friends, he offers a deal to the humans on earth that if they find him those coins, he'll grant them their wishes. Their wishes could be any power which they desire to have.  Now com